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@Servant of God, Love, & Truth

Reverse Miracles


When a message is proclaimed millions of times, even the craziest ideas attract followers eventually. Yet an absolute miracle - what we call a "reverse miracle" - is how this phenomenon does NOT happen when trying to teach about obeying Jesus. Obedience to Jesus and His teachings is universally resisted and rejected despite Christ's message having been preached to literally billions of people for millennia.

"Reverse Miracles" offers a couple of experiments that anyone can do, to demonstrate this supernatural reaction and to illustrate how stubborn and irrational resistance to obeying Jesus Christ and His teachings really is. Try them for yourself!

Two other videos from our channel, The Mystery of the Synoptic Gospels, and The Secret Name of Jesus, offer further insight into this astounding spiritual reality.

Jesus is looking for people who WANT His Kingdom to come. Do you want to be a part of the amazing miracle of accepting Jesus and obeying Him? If so, you may be one in a million.

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