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Greetings from Florida in Infrared!

#FlatEarth, Infrared photography, amazing!

Mirrored from JTolan Media 1's YT channel: https://youtu.be/huYCK1YN7Cg

Spectacular imagery of Florida in 950nm infrared from a Ft Lauderdale to DFW flight, on a clear day.

Captured with a Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder and 950nm IR long pass filter.

My analysis is a quick flat surface analysis, I left the round surface as an exercise, it is more complex. If you do it correctly you will note that values do fit, yet I've noticed distant targets do contradict it, as if they have been "stretched" into the scenery from behind the curve. Such is the strangeness of the flat earth phenomena.

My equation for the look down angle based on globe model is Angle = atan( (h/R + 1 - cos(th)) / sin(th) ) If we use the lake george and coast as a reference, refraction has already affected the measurements, so it is best to use a reference at steeper angles.

Hope you enjoy the video, just let your eyes do the believing!


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