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The Poor Pay Taxes And Suffer While The Rich Dodge Taxes And Prosper

Money laundry goes by many names nowadays, one of which is philanthropy.

Take the notorious Bill Gates, for example. He put most of his money into a trust, so it becomes untaxable.

And because the trust is labeled as a charity, corporate media can do good PR for him and crown him as the philanthropist who gave away all his money to charity, lol. But all he did was dodge taxes by simply moving his money from one pocket to another.

This tactic is just one of many financial rackets that are commonly available only to the rich. Offshore accounts, shell companies, and tax havens are all perfectly legal methods that companies and individuals routinely use to lower their tax liabilities. One in five big U.S. companies pays no federal income tax.

The poor pay taxes and suffer while the rich dodge taxes and prosper.

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