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The Bittubers Banner #1 Tube Campaign #Stand Up Against Censorship

Preparing for the campaign in November, Here's a little banner I made for everybody to promote with their referral. If you need help with your cover image for your Channel let me know in a DM I might be able to help.

The amount of progress that we have achieved within 4 months really shows how hard the community and team have been at work getting everything prepared for the Mass adoption. We are not your typical community but more focused on building an ecosystem to allow us features to greater our Network abilities give us better content allowing for a single person to reach a broader audience while giving them full control of their content. We've built a place for comedians like Dave Chappelle, in the millions of YouTubers who are being demonetized are having their accounts trolled and ban. The internet is Google people don't really access the internet using any other search engines so people aren't coming across important articles topics and discussions because Google has dropped a bucket on them. This is your chance to make a stand for our right to pursue and have happiness in this digital age. Let's work as a community to figure out what content creators want and need that will allow them features that are diverse giving them opportunities to express themselves. Let's reach out to Quality content creators small and big after we get a decent amount on the platform will see a big increase in the user base. Stay strong we have a long road ahead of us but we are preparing to see our platform used by the world. Here's a little banner I made for everybody to promote the community with their referral. If you like the banner please :heart: and share the post. Only if we see the vision and believe well we work together to bring this ecosystem to life.

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By smaram

I just donated 200.0 TUBEs ($ 2.36 USD)

By ShakmGaming

Nice 🙂

I do have to point out though the missed opportunity there with Saber holding a sword instead of a ...well ...saber 😏

By MasterShake

So the campaign starts in Nov? I am so excited! It's going to be great!