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Relaxing Music and Visuals - Kaleidoscopic Meditation with Healing Properties

Relax your body mind and soul with these amazing visuals and music that will take you to a relaxing journey within πŸŽΆβ€οΈπŸ™

This video is aimed at individuals that want to take advantage of the healing properties of beautiful music and colourful kaleidoscopes.

Audio Medicine's relaxing music is suitable for any type of activities:

- Meditation sessions: to achieve mindfulness, inner peace, a transcendental state of consciousness, to open the third eye, cleanse the Chakras and to heal the body, mind and spirit.

- Yoga sessions: The calming and peaceful melodies can make a yoga session incredibly smooth and soothing.

- Sleep: Audio Medicine's music is perfect to relax and facilitate a deep sleep state to enjoy the night and restore your energy levels. It helps in reducing stress, insomnia and also improves dreaming.

- Transmit positive emotions: Instrumental music is arranged using emotional chords, melodies and scales to produce an euphoric and calming sensation to the listener, reducing negative thoughts, patterns and feelings.

Audio Medicine's visuals aim to reinforce the positivity and harmony of the music with the use of colourful kaleidoscopes. Colours resonate and vibrate at a certain frequency just as musical notes, so a combination of colour and music can stimulate our senses in many ways.

The ever-changing patterns in Kaleidoscopes have hidden powers. Some might call them mysterious and magical because they foster calmness and harmony to help us maintain balance and focus in our lives boosting creativity in the soul and mind. Looking at a kaleidoscope engages both our right and left sides of the brain which in turn helps us in our problem solving skills.

So by combining colour and music we can achieve great therapeutic benefits for people of all ages! This method of combining stimulating visuals and soothing audio can greatly benefit people with autism spectrum disorder. Even babies can be entertained with the complexity of kaleidoscopes. This is a combination of music and colour therapy.

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I will be uploading much more in the future and will be including different categories of music like meditation music, spa music, relaxing and calming music, reiki music, instrumental music with piano, guitars, flutes, harps, etc.

Will include a section of beautiful nature sounds like waterfalls, birds singing and forest ambient. Another section of brain entertainment using different binaural beat sounds. All aimed to have healing properties to the body, soul and mind.

One thing to always have in mind: Positivity heals.

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