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@Truth over traditions

Too Late to Escape

When prophecy becomes history. #hopelessness #hopelessness

This video was first released in July, 2019, a few months before the start of the worldwide covid19 pandemic. But that is only the start of what lies ahead. Nevertheless, we are past the point of a warning ever turning events around. At best, we can only hope for personal protection or courage. We ARE going down... even now!

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By AmazingGloryGrace...

As the climate change people would say... its at tipping point... I think we are almost there... Thanks...

By KnockToOpen

we are going down, so it makes sense to put our faith in what Jesus taught, who said this was going to happen...

By willrizzo1433

Definitely feels like we're getting close to the last seven years! It's very sad how people act these days and especially knowing it will only get worse.

By TruthSeekersCollective

The world is starting to meet it's end. America is facing its demand, and it will not keep up.

By Boyd6474

Yeah, it seems we are reaching a time when people will do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means killing others.