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@Truth over traditions

Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast

This one is shocking the world. #Vaccine #Microsoft

Bill Gates is leading the way in technology aimed at identifying and linking everyone on earth. His comments about a "digital certificate" for a vaccine (for Covid-19 or any other vaccine) have raised a lot of questions about where all of this is heading, especially in the light of Bible prophecy about the Mark of the Beast.

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By TruthSeekersCollective

We need to leave conspiracies behind and get back to scientific evidence.

By Boyd6474

It seems that the technology that is this vaccine could be used for the mark, but the vaccine is not used for buying a selling. So, even if it's the right technology I don't think is has to do with the mark. But, we are getting close.

By willrizzo1433

Everybody jumping on Bill Gates (and rightfully so) but He isn't the only one driving the one world gov into our faces! We need to keep a close watch on upcoming events! Thanks for this video.