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#covid #coronavirus

So what is YOUR opinion? I have a 2 part question here.

Some think that by quarantining, we are just delaying the inevitable, and eventually sooner or later everyone is going to get the 'rona. They claim herd immunity, let everyone get sick, get over it, and move on with life.

Others think that quarantine is good, it will protect us from getting the 'rona at all.

So, for part 1, which side are you on? Quarantine good, or bad?

Part 2: Wearing masks.

Some say it is very helpful in keeping foks from contacting the disease.

Others say it's pretty much a waste of time, as the germs are on pretty much everything anyways, and most people are not wearing or cleaning their masks properly to begin with.

So, for part 2, which side are you on? Mask wearing, is it good or an overall waste of time?

Please leave your comments in the comments section, and after a few days, I'll pick some random folks who did take the time to answer this survey and tip you some Tubes.

Lets see what WE all think.

Me, I say let everyone catch the bug and be done with it, you can't hide forever, and the masks are pretty useless overall.

Thank you for your reply if you do.



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By Specter

Well it does not look like too many more are going to comment so let me make good on my promise and tip you shane. Thank you for your inputs.

By shanedk

As for masks, keep in mind that they're designed to keep surgeons from infecting patients, not the other way around. If you have corona, they can be effective at stopping you spreading it to others, but they're not so good at keeping you from getting infected.

By shanedk

Quarantine is just hitting the pause button. We need more interaction between the low-risk population so the virus can spread around without any major health issues. Once that happens, we should have a good herd immunity in the population and we can all go back to normal.