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How the trillion dollar cryptocurrency scam works. It's like the dot com bubble but more fraud.

OG VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLA8-7Ptcfs

Learn about Bitcoin from my interview series with Satoshi Nakamoto: https://www.youtube.com/theoryofbitcoin​

Key ideas:

* Selling drugs on the internet

* Money laundering

* Cypherpunks and cryptoanarchists

* Bots and shills and scammers

* Disinformation campaign

* False narrative

* Bitcoin is NOT censorship-resistant

* Bitcoin is NOT anarchist

* Bitcoin is NOT secured by cryptography

* Bitcoin is NOT digital gold

* Users do NOT run a node

* Bitcoin is NOT permissionless

* Tether / USDT is a massive fraud

* Off-shore and unregulated exchanges

* Sybil attacks

* Regulations: FinCEN, FATFA, SEC

* Elon Musk / Trim Draper / Michael Saylor / crypto-morons

* Lightning Network

* Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto


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