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Tips for new players - Air support needs ground support

Without ground troops capping flags, air support can become tiring very quickly. This is why a lot of players start out in the helicopter and then give it up shortly afterwards. The catch is that on maps where air vehicles are present, they are also required. Without someone constantly manning that asset there is a significant gap in your teams ability to win, and you run the risk of the enemy stealing your asset and using two of them against you.

Initially in this map I was attempting to damage/destroy all of the enemy vehicles, prevent enemy infantry from moving freely, and trying to cap flags. But you can clearly see me switch tactics after the cockpit took small arms fire from a player who was occupying 'A'. They weren't going to leave, we were just going to get shot down in the most demeaning manner possible, probably giving them the helicopter in the process, and holding the base - and it's tickets - for any length of time wasn't going to happen. We needed ground support to move in on that area. So the helicopter could offer oversight, kill any hard targets that attempted to approach, flush or destroy buildings that the ground troops fired upon, and allow our own troops to camp 'A' with an overwatch to the anti-aircraft gun. Which in turn helps the helicopter to advance to harassing the next flag, which in turn allows ground troops to infiltrate and capture it, which in turn allows our team to occupy and hold it with some overwatch to the next flag and so forth.

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