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When Will You M@thafckers Finally Grow A Brain & Realize That All Cops Are Pigs?

When will you m@thafckers finally grow a brain and realize that ALL cops are pigs?

Just watch this video. This little female barely touched the huge man in uniform, but he was adamant about destroying her and her spirit. Just look at her almost lifeless body being dragged in the street as these pigs kidnap her and force her into a rape cage. Watch the other pigs make a shield in front of the onlookers to defend the police brutality that's taking place behind them. This is just one example. My computer is packed with hundreds of video pieces of evidence from all around the globe of the EXACT same behavior by cops everywhere. They're the same. They're all pigs. There are no exceptions.

I hope I'll live to see a day when every order-follower in ANY profession, especially the dogs and pigs (cops and soldiers), get the same treatment that rapists get today.

Cops are pigs. Soldiers are dogs. And there are no exceptions. Saying that there are a few good cops is a fatal logical error. It's the kind of error that makes you intellectually unrespectable.

The myth that there are some good cops out there is only accepted by mediocre people with low-quality minds. These brainwashed idiots can't distinguish between jobs and people.

What does it mean to be a good person? It means that you have free will and the ability to distinguish between the good and the bad while choosing the good.

But being a cop is a profession, not a race. And cops don't have free will. They're order-followers. A cop is an order-follower, just like a soldier. They MUST follow orders no matter what they may be and regardless of their personal views.

And these orders and laws are ALWAYS imposed in a top-down structure by political oppressors who are corrupt in nature and are employed by a secretive criminal cabal of international bankers. It's the same in every country.

The military takes 17-year-old kids and crushes their spirit and character turning them into mindless automatons with one purpose and one purpose only: to kill on command. The military produces heartless killers who simply follow orders and don't have a single original thought in the few cubic centimeters of brain cells inside their thick heads.

ONLY true brainwashed idiots join the military and allow themselves to be humiliated, abused, insulted, and kicked around like garbage by their superiors. After an idiot joins the army, he/she is not a human being anymore. He/she is just a boot, which is always ready to be kicked around into battlefields to murder poor people like himself/herself in impoverished countries for the benefit of America's corporations.

The military of ANY country is a monstrosity that creates monstrosities. It's time to grow a brain. No matter which country you're in, you should use your brain for a moment and realize that the military is a terrorist organization for death and destruction.

The brainless idiots who join the military should be shamed, ridiculed, and disavowed.

In short, cops and soldiers are pigs and dogs.

They're slaves to their masters (the political and the banking class), and their job is to punish and enslave a population.

It's time to wake up.

#JustFollowingOrders #DefundThePolice #NoJusticeNoPeace #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState #AmericanPoliceState #FascistPoliceState #QualifiedImmunity #KillerCops #PoliceViolence #LicensedKillers #BlueKluxKlan #ObeyOrDie #ThinBlueLine #TheThinBlueLine #ICantBreathe #ToPunishAndEnslave #ToProtectAndServe #PunishAndEnslave #ProtectAndServe #AFTP #AlwaysFilmThePolice #Cops #NaziCops #Police #LawEnforcement #MilitarizedPolice #LandOfTheUnfree #HomeOfTheSlaves #MilitaryIndustrialComplex




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