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#suggestion About the share function. It would be great if I could just share other peoples videos on my own channel. I don't know if this would ruin the airtime concept. Would it be possible to have another persons post on my post and...

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By batteryaziz

alternatively, we could make it so 'reposting' shares the original post on your subscribers *home feeds* but not your own profile feed, Then normal monetization could apply. That's probably the best compromise because trust me, the spammers reposting other junk would start outnumbering everyone else by 100:1.

By batteryaziz

Reposting (like retweeting) is on the list. That would cover this. Tangentially,mixing that with reposting with a comment attached and joining/chaining posts would give you the freedom to passively share or actively promote other posts. How we mix that with AirTime is a matter of minimizing abuse I think. Probably best to not monetize reposts directly, or spammers start reposting popular posts to get a piece, and if it's monetized for the OP it subtracts from your profile.

By TheHeretic

...at the same time give the original post the air time? man these 240 word posts makes it hard to say something worth saying.