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Show The Balfour Declaration To The Palestine-Deniers

"Accuse them of which you are guilty" is an ancient Jewish doctrine that's now being heavily used against the gullible sheeple of America and Europe.

This doctrine doesn't work well for the Jews of Israel against the people of the Middle East because they're mostly aware of Jewish trickery. Victimhood and the "you're antisemtic" attacks, for example, don't work well for the Jews of Israel against the Palestinians they're colonizing, bombing, imprisoning, looting, and enslaving.

"Hate speech" and "hate crime" are Jewish inventions. Jews invented the hate-speech attack to silence speech and wipe off the internet of anything that exposes their hatred against the goyim (gentiles or non-Jews) along with their plans to install a New World Order and a One World Government in which jews rule all nations on Earth with a "rod of iron" according to the Talmud.

Watch this video, for example. This guy is asking Jews to read the two words "FREE PALESTINE." Watch their reaction. Watch their hatred against the name of the country they colonized and wiped off the world map. Anywhere an image surfaces online showing Palestine's national borders before Jews came in from Europe and stole it is forbidden. Google will ban it. Big Tech will censor it. And the United States will send its jackals and lethal drones after anyone who challenges the Jewish supremacy.

After deleting all maps and all documents from the internet in a desperate attempt to erase history, now the Jews of Israel are pretending that Palestine never existed. But all you need to do to reveal their deception is show them the Balfour Declaration, which is a 1917 letter from the British Foreign Secretary to the Rothschilds (the Jewish dynasty that founded Zionism and created Israel). It was written in 1917, at the height of WW1, announcing British support for the colonization of Palestine to establish a "national home for the Jewish people" after the native Palestinians are ruthlessly massacred or deported. The country name "Palestine" is clearly stated in the document.

Whenever you see a Jew questioning the existence of Palestine, just ask them to read the Balfour Declaration. That's it.

How about we start using the "Palestine-deniers" slur against these Jews. Wouldn't that be like "fighting fire with fire" kind of thing?

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