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Where the Ray Cats Glow - Official Music Video

10,000 years in the future will humans know the dangers of nuclear radiation? How can you communicate with them without knowing their culture, or language? You could use a symbol, but symbols change their meaning over time. Not too long ago the jolly roger was a symbol of fear that you were going to die from pirates. The skull an bones symbol used to mean poison. Today, we put these symbol on coffee mugs. Could ray cats be the way to communicate to future humans?

A song for the Ray Cats Solution. A way to communicate to humans in the future about radioactive waste. The idea is to create cats that glow near radiation then create art including music around these cats. The art enforces to humans not to be where the ray cats glow.

Song on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0IpM60qjPtzNyJ9PN0hPPS?si=mPuVyzO2SUCVD_y4mfyNHw

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