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While it's unfortunate that many of us will need to experience some financial difficulties do to crashing markets and economic upheaval - this is largely due to our own blindness and acceptance of the deceptions of the elite. But we can change this now!

Today I pull back more of the mask on the corona hoax so that minimally, and hopefully, you can have clearer "eyes to see" and gain the incredible freedom which comes with understanding deception and gaining a mental and spiritual victory over it.

Here is a link to some of the Tom Hanks research mentioned in the video: https://www.reddit.com/r/PedoGate/comments/92hbub/tom_hanks_admits_he_is_a_violent_pedophile/

#coronavirus #coronahoax #hoax #christianity #bittube

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By Nobid

Why are people so blind? This was the plan all along. The whole world is going into this depression and then the only way out will be through going cashless. But it will not be a way out.

The Antichrist is setting his trap for you. Get out of the system. You'll talk about the economy and get caught on the trap.

Wake Up!

Check out Nobidios and learn the teachings of Jesus and be prepared for what is coming.

By baul

This whole thing was done to put the blame on this corona virus as a exit point for Fake economic system...

By thanksmia

I just donated 1.010101 TUBEs ($ 10000000000000000000.00 USD)

By Nosat

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.04 USD)

By Nosat

I feel bad for people who are controlled by the fear generated by these demons, great video.

By nachodon

@MasterShake tonight i go on search for corona in san francisco - i will sped a bit of time in chinatown--- will try to meet someone recently from wuhan.... or from heavily infected santa clara --- i already survived Grand Princess cruise ship--- tonight i will push my luck and see if i can kiss people with corona

By MasterShake

So true they want to see how stupid people are lol

By MasterShake

Yes markets are going down. Tube went down a lot. But it's probably the time to buy in.

By MasterShake

Yes it's a big lie. More people have died and are dying of the Flu. They just make all these fear media casts to try to care people. The news media are Liars