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Five Years Later When The Covid-Vaccinated Sheeple Turned Into Zombies

This is your random reminder that COVID19 is a scam. They turned the seasonal flu and the common cold into a pandemic to install Orwellian medical tyranny.

This scamdemic is an inside job just like 9/11, and the main objectives behind it are:

1. Mass surveillance on an Orwellian scale. Unelected government employees will have precisely the same access to your daily life as you're already allowing for social media. The government will track your daily movements thanks to the smartphone that you carry around everywhere you go, like an idiot. The government will have a microphone and a high-definition camera INSIDE every room in your home so they can watch you eat, fornicate, defecate, change your clothes, and watch every private and intimate moment you'll ever have in life. The government will be able to listen to all your conversations in every room in your home and when you meet with friends as well as the discussions at work. The government will be able to see all the photos and videos you've ever taken on your phone, including the private ones that you send privately to your woman/man. The government will record your heartbeat and blood pressure and what makes you angry or happy. Basically, the government will have access to everything you're ALREADY allowing for private companies like Google and Apple. All for your safety, of course, just like the Nazis used to say to the oppressed German public during WW2.

2. New World Order (NWO), which is a world of absolute control of every aspect of human life. It's a world where you no longer have control over your own body or your own mind or your own decisions. It's a world where individuality is completely abolished and replaced with collectivism. It's a world of absolute submission to the whims of the authorities. It's an authoritarian and collectivist NWO that would've made Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong cry in envy.

3. One World Government in which power, authority, and decision-making are centralized into the hands of fewer people at the very top of the pyramid. This One World Government has always been the wet dream of every tyrant in history, and now it's coming to fruition thanks to the international network of banks that are working behind the scenes and puppeteering all so-called elected governments.

4. Endless mass vaccinations with lab-made viruses to cripple the immune system permanently. The worst part about these mandatory vaccines is the fact that they're not vaccines at all, but they're labeled that way to deceive the masses since the word "vaccine" suggests a cure. These so-called vaccines are nothing more than a cocktail of poisons. And the new generation of these so-called vaccines contains experimental DNA-editing synthetic RNA that can permanently modify the function of the human DNA and create a new generation of GMO humans. Even more sinister, these "Humans 2.0" can be patented and owned by corporations as property.

5. Global tracking ID implants to monitor the movement of all citizens anywhere on the planet. This implant will eventually become the international passport of the One World Government that's always INSIDE the human body and cannot be removed.

6. Cashless society through centralized debt-based digital fiatmoney to immediately shut down financial services to those who disobey the ruling class. That way, if someone violated the house arrest orders ("stay at home orders" in doublespeak), the government can immediately penalize them by automatically deducting money from their bank accounts through facial recognition cameras; or they can temporarily suspend their ability to buy anything for a day or a week, for example, as a form of punishment. The possibilities are endless.

7. Abolishment of small businesses to centralize the economy in the hands of monopolies and big corporations. That way fewer families will be self-employed and the majority will be deplorable slaves to the system (employees) who are less likely

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