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Behold America's Secret Police

Unidentified federal agents in military uniform are kidnapping citizens from the street of Portland and whisking them away in unmarked cars to undisclosed locations. You expect to see secret police kidnapping people from the streets of Communist China or Soviet Russia, but not in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Or is it really as the motto says? America has always been a fascist police state in the eyes and minds of the nations it's colonizing but now this reality is becoming very obvious to the clueless masses within the United States. All thanks to the planned crisis of the lab-made flu COVID19, cops and federal agents can now give the treatment of the boot and the baton to the residents of Portland and other cities across the United States. Now they're free to patrol the streets Nazi-style to punish and enslave citizens with impunity. They can invade any home and kidnap its residents. They can strike down with a rod of iron all civil liberties. They can finally get rid of those pesky leaderless protesters by enforcing martial law and curfew. They can crack down on freespeech and shut down independent journalists and independent thought by using mercenaries like Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and internet service providers. They can imprison citizens indefinitely and torture them to death then burn what's left of their dead bodies and say it's a COVID19 biohazard. It's all happening NOW and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight for this Orwellian dystopia. The owners of the United States (the banking class aka the 1%, the elites, the deep state, the shadow government) have openly switched to tyranny and fascism in just a few months and there is currently no end in sight to this authoritarianism thanks to this planned crisis. The illusion of democracy is fading and America is finally revealing its true identity: a fascist police state worse than Nazi Germany. It has become very clear that the banking class that rules the world are achieving their New World Oder and One World Government one crisis at a time. 9/11 was a planned crisis. The financial collapse of 2008 was a planned crisis. And now COVID19 is yet another planned crisis on the path to the Orwellian One World Government. It's the "order out of chaos" doctrine and it always works.

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