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What Do You Know About COVID19?

Do you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) secretly confessed that they've been lying about their official COVID19 deaths? Do you know that they confessed that only 6% of the official COVID19 deaths are actually from COVID19 alone while the other 94% had serious underlying illnesses?

Do you know that COVID19 is a lab-made flu that's no more dangerous than the seasonal flu? Do you know that COVID19's actual survival rate is 99.99% for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, but if you're young with a healthy lifestyle, there's absolutely ZERO chance that this flu can harm you in any way?

Do you know that George Floyd tested positive for COVID19 and was counted as a COVID19 death?

Do you know that a pawpaw fruit and a goat tested positive in Tanzania after the president decided to test the testing kits themselves fearing a globalist scam against his country?

Do you know that the testing kits have an 80% false positive, which means that there's an 80% chance that the tests will wrongfully say you have COVID19?

Do you know that at least 300 COVID19 test sites in Florida alone falsified COVID19 test results to be 10x higher than the actual number?

Do you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lab in Atlanta that was in charge of assembling coronavirus test kits was investigated for deliberately or accidentally contaminating the testing kits with COVID19?

Do you know that Indian researchers revealed an uncanny similarity between HIV and COVID19 that is unlikely accidental and more likely manmade in a lab?

Do you know that government agencies and private corporations own more than four THOUSAND patents for coronavirus? Do you know that patents cannot be given to natural organisms or viruses but only lab-made ones? And do you know that this patented coronavirus was manufactured with the help of the CDC, which is a U.S. Government agency, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? You can see the patent yourself: https://patents.google.com/patent/US7220852B1/en

Do you know that a fatal motorcycle crash in Florida last month was counted as COVID19 death?

Do you know that Sweden never shut down their country or mandated face masks but citizens there are living life as usual with no pandemic whatsoever?

Do you know that COVID19 is a planned crisis and a false flag just like 9/11 that's orchestrated by a criminal cabal of international bankers?

Do you know that the handling of this false flag by politicians and corporate media was scripted in a report published 10 years ago by The Rockefeller Foundation titled “Lockstep,” which details how to bring the world down with a pandemic?

Do you know that the Rockefellers are the same banking dynasty that founded Big Pharma and Big Oil and the world's indoctrination system (schooling system)?

Do you know that the Rockefellers are one of the owners of America’s Zionist central bank (the Federal Reserve), which is an independent bank NOT part of the U.S. Treasury?

Do you know that before 1913 (which is the year the Federal Reserve was established through an act of treason by Congress and a racist puppet president called Woodrow Wilson) NO ONE paid income tax in America because it was constitutionally illegal?

Do you know that the American government must borrow its money from international bankers like the Rockefellers as a loan with interest and that’s the only reason why you pay income taxes?

Do you know that you’re nothing more than a slave on a tax farm that’s owned by the Rockefellers and other banksters?

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