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Best picture of the year 2019 - Agora

Agora photo prize has found a single photo to receive the "Best picture of the year" award. Let's meet the author who made that photography moment. Songs of Freedom

Behind the most beautiful photo of 2019: Photographer Michael Aboya introduces himself

Agora photo prize has found a single photo to receive the "Best picture of the year" award. Let's meet the author who made that photography moment.

Agora is an international photo competition organized year-round with a variety of topics. In particular, the largest prize of the year Agora is the "Best picture of the year" award. All photos from all genres can be submitted to this tournament, only one will win for the highest number of votes.

This year, after nine months of launching the photo award and receiving more than 130,000 works by photographers from 193 countries and territories around the world, 50 photos were made to the final for public viewing. voted. More than 500,000 votes have been conducted by the public. In it, the "Songs of Freedom" received the most votes.

This is the third year the "Best photo of the year" award has been organized by Agora. The "Songs of Freedom" recorded the images of the boys enjoying music, made by photographer Michael Aboya (24) from Ghana, which won the joint victory. the. The reward for the author is USD 25,000 (nearly VND 580 million).

Photographers by photographer Michael Aboya often portray the joyful moments in the life around him, and he wants to change the way people see Ghana and many other African countries.

Tracing himself through photography and not having undergone any training, Aboya said: “I believe when I take pictures to tell stories about the people around me, those images will give me The world sees another image of Africa, which will show love, peace, and highlight the brighter side.

"I took this picture to emphasize that we have the power to be able to help ourselves become free people."

This photo was commented by CEO Octavi Royo, the co-founder of the Agora photo award: “'Songs Of Freedom' is an impressive picture, with strong opposition and smart layout. A shirtless boy plays the violin beneath the open sky as if implying the beginning of a new era. Next to him were 4 other boys with their fists raised and their eyes closed, enjoying the melody playing.

“It sounds like a conquest to the future, where people see wisdom, peace, effort and values. It is a symbolic image of a rising continent with a hopeful future. This photo work is an impressive visual statement to talk about the present and the future. ”

"Songs of Freedom" was taken on the coast of Labadi in Ghana, the children appearing in the photo are the children of local fisherman families. Photographer Michael Aboya gathered the young group, meanwhile, a friend of his brought along the violin and taught the children basic skills quickly.

A child in the group showed a special interest and immersed in the interesting experience, immediately, Michael Aboya captured this moment:

“One day before I took this picture, I met Rockson, a friend of mine who was also very passionate about photography, he went to visit his hometown of Ghana, brought a violin, so I asked him to bring it. The guitar we take the next day to take pictures, may need to use.

“We went to Labadi beach and met these wonderful boys. Rockson took out the guitar to teach the kids to play the violin, one of the really expressive boys, which made me feel too much about what I recorded on camera. ”

Photographer Michael Aboya started looking to photography in 2014. When he unexpectedly lost his father to cancer, he realized that life was too short and decided he would wholeheartedly pursue being one. photographer - the field in which he is passionate, instead of becoming a programmer. At this point, Michael Aboya put all the money he had to buy a professional camera.

“After I bought that first camera, I planned to take a photography course, but I had no money left, so I invested a lot of time to learn about photography by myself, watching videos on YouTube to learn. Get experience from professional photographers. I took the camera outside and taught myself.

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