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BITCOIN CASH $BCH and the fight against THE NWO

I see a world dividing in the near future - the lemmings who line up for free state (near worthless money) and barely enough to survive on - begging like dumb slaves for better social scores (think china) and vaccines and opposite: those of us who are awake - bartering - using every free market means and available tools (such as cryptocurrency) to transact directly with each other. $BCH Bitcoin Cash is poised to help lead those who want to be free. #bitcoincash

I also believe that BTC bitcoin is a dead man walking: slow, expensive, highly trackable with no easy to implement privacy. Be careful... as soon as BTC loses it's #1 status in market cap value it will fade into obscurity as a useless garbage coin while others race to fill the needs that humanity needs.

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By Nosat

They really should have added privacy layer to BCH.

I see XMR as the real BTC for longer term holding and Pirate Chain as the new BCH with potential for private day to day transactions.

Did you hear about the proposed BCH mining tax?


Debate between Roger Ver vs. Tone Vays about BTC and BCH


What is Piratechain (ARRR)


By Nosat

I just donated 5.0 TUBEs ($ 0.02 USD)