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@Yuri Jacobs

Undercover Cops - Alpha Renewal [Arcade/Hero Fighter] - Flame's Playthrough

Happy Monday to ev1, here's some Undercover Cops to wake up your day. Enjoy the video, please.

Undercover Cops is a horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up for up to three players in which Dr. Clayborn and his henchmen have taken control of the city. Police Commissioner Gordon has called on three of New York's Finest undercover cops: Bubba, an ex-professional football player; Flame, a former Miss America; and Claude, a retired philosophy teacher. They must fight every lackey and vanquish Dr. Crayborn in order to restore law and order to the city.

Besides the usual human thugs, players fight strange mole creatures and mutants with jet packs and blades for hands. Players can never use enemy weapons, but the stages contain objects that can be picked up and used instead, These include burning oil drums, steel girders, concrete columns that shatter on impact, boxes of hand grenades and giant fish.

As well as the standard punch and kick moves, each character also has a special attack. This move is more powerful than standard attacks but each time a special attack is executed, some of the player's health is lost.

Player characters can eat mice, frogs, birds and snails to restore their health. The game consists of five stages with a powerful enemy boss character waiting at the end of each one.






Undercover Cops - Alpha Renewal Version © 1992 Irem Corp.

Emulator: HoubaUI Plus! Plus! .125

Recorded and Dubbed with: Mirillis Action! 3.9.1

Edited with: NCH VideoPad Video Editor Professional 7.03

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