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Slot machine

To purchase a copy of my book about slots and how to get the best odds, visit http://bit.ly/3nwYzHX ?. 

Sample Transcript:  The Random Number Generator, also called the RNG, is a computer program that is always running inside the slot machine unless the machine is turned off or its in an error condition. The RNG has only one job, and that's to constantly generate random numbers, big ones. It chooses a new random number several thousand times a second,

So, how can a casino possibly influence random numbers in order to make the machines so profitable? This is where the reels come in. The machine relates the chosen number to a set of reel stops. Reel stops are the symbols, including blanks, that the reels can land on to make up the combination that you get. There are usually 22 of them on a standard slot reel. This gets tricky, and there's not enough time in this video for me to fully explain it, though I do explain it fully in my book. Its tricky because the symbols you see on the reels that are actually in the machine are not the symbols the machine uses to decide payouts the machine uses virtual reels. A virtual reel is sort of like a pretend reel that can have as many stops on it as the casino wants. This way, the casino isn't forced to make all the reels and symbols have the same odds of appearing, and they can make the top award symbol actually appear far less often than it seems like it should on the reels you see. The number chosen by the RNG is mapped to the virtual stops, and your combination is made up of that. The virtual reels are then matched to the symbols on the actual reels, and your combination is displayed. The reels you see on the machine? They don't decide anything they're just there to display the combination the machine chose before they even started to spin. 


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