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Light makes you sleep better. Narcissist clowns. Media, Sweden, Turkey, India, ivermectin

Frida H.Rångtell etc:

"Our results could therefore suggest that exposure to bright light during the day – as in the present study – may help combat sleep disturbances associated with the evening use of electronic devices emitting blue light."



The Rubin Report last 5 minutes about being blackpilled and then the clownpilled:


0 covid deaths in Texas, and covid1984-minions are freaking out:


Ivermectin Goa vs no ivermectin Tamil Nadu:


Note: Some ivermectin usage like in Central Europe doesn't seem to make a big difference. It has to be handed out a lot.


Data from Norway clearly shows that young people have 8 times more side effects than 70-79 year olds

Soon I think that Sweden will run out of people to vaxx, but there are still some programmers left...


Swedish cases/death:


or regions here:



Young people: 1 risk in 1000 to get severe side-effects after covid-vaccine

All people: 0.3 risk in 1000 months to end up in IVA after covid


Many more seem to notice what I saw yesterday:


Why is the corporate media suddenly going full throttle against Gates after worshipping him during COVID Mania? I don't have a good answer for this. There is definitely a concerted effort to crush him. Not sure where it's coming from.

DN och Expressen som ger sig på public service. Något på gång eller bara vanligt gnäll ifrån journalister som vill skriva om journalister:

Swedish newpapers Dagens Nyheter and Expressen, both owned by Bonnier, go after Swedish State media reporters hard for some reason. Maybe to hide their own problems?


Steven Crowder is giving a legal notice to Youtube. I don't see him banned from Youtube as the problem. The problem is that not everyone is banned from Youtube. The platform is so comprimised that it needs to be destroyed and fighting for making it less bad is just hurting the competition:


Cancel culture won yet another Pyrrhic victory:

Utestängningsmaffian vann ännu en Pyrrhusseger när en sparkad officers bok om Marxist-ideologi blev en bästsäljare:


What if Tesla soars and there will be a really not expected deflation?


If this is how the smartest rich people bet, who are on the other side and why?

People can't compare stuff. I might be wrong about that this is so bad (one needs to know the specific people involved to judge this, so I will not jump to conclusions), and they might actually do great stuff, but if my guess is right, this is just another example of how emotional reasoning will destroy a country, and they can do it because of an autistic incompetent cold ruling class of neoliberals:


Erdogan seems to systematically burn all bridges, and I think everyone who wants to do real positive change needs to take a look at what happens if you fight against everyone who is the slightest not 100% on your side:


ANTI-VAXX-PASSPORT STICKER: https://teespring.com/vaxxpassport






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