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Today I give an overview of what I consider the future of decentralized open source social media: THE FEDIVERSE and its decentralized "YouTube" application called: Peertube. I also touch base on the federverse "Twitter" cousin called Mastodon. I hope you get some value out of this video. I believe this is the future of social media: decentralized, uncensored (yet with varying degrees of curation), federation of applications which work a lot like the ones we use today only better - since they can communicate and interact with each other! 

I try to answer: 

How does all this stuff work? And what does BitTube have to do with it ?

For those of you interested in learning more about the AirTime extension (monetization arm of BitTube and the cryptocurrency $TUBE) please check out this video I did: https://bittube.tv/post/2ceedef0-50b1-44e0-9db3-f39c02160695

For all my other bittube.video channels i sometimes mention in these vids you guys have to get over to bittube.video. Here is a link to my other 4 channels there: https://bittube.video/accounts/nacho/video-channels

Make and account there and get fully decentralized. I post up there a lot more than here. I have 4 channels there so sub them all or individually: nachodon live, modern speculator, The Way, coronahoax channel

#bittube #tube #peertube #mastodon #airtime

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By IgnacioRodriguez

nachodon. what happend with bittube walles in telegram?

By thanksmia

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By HempysHub

Thanks another great video going over tubes love them keep it up man!


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By davidlionfish

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.00 USD)

By davidlionfish

Thanks for letting me know about this stuff - really useful!