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A different view of it.

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By tinfoilhatter

gad *dang*, man! that's some effin' nice frickin' photography, brah, i mean i'm not gonna say i'm some expert or some shit like that, butuh, i mean that's , shtraightup, some frickin' good stuff, yo~ werrrrd~

By tinfoilhatter

dude *where* did you get a drone that takes pictures like that, know'm'saaaay'n? that would be effin' cool, bruh! f'*real*, yo~

By tinfoilhatter

aw *wow*, man, see, i *knew* you were british or some shit like that, yaaaaaaa-mean? ...like, i jus' get impressions an' like, eight or nine times outta ten, y'know, boom, they right own, y'aaaaaaaaa'm'saaaaay'n?