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Dear developers

did you forget about this site?

You created bittube.video, cool but this source code of another company is not yours, and it's all?

What next?

You want to use mastodonte instead of social network but how do you want subscribers to combine between these platforms?

Or they will be different on all platforms?

If you do not have your own project, then what is unique? In cryptocurrency? it does not attract new users :(

#bugreport #bittube @BitTubeOfficial

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By nachodon

saw it... yah sadly no one talks to me much either. let's hope the fork in late july works. I'd also like to see an independent audit done of the chain.... but that might be like wishing for snow in hell. we'll see. the future is on PEERTUBE / and bittube has the number 1 instance there and you should get on it! bittube.video is the peertube instance. This is true FOSS project / peertube and the fediverse see my videos on the same

By ShakmGaming

I have to say, it seems like this project has been almost abandoned, which is indeed a shame. It was a refreshing new idea that could combine crypto and non-crypto people onto one platform. I'm guessing it was abandoned for financial reasons; hopefully the devs are kind enough to provide source codes etc so somebody can pick this project up again.

By bittca6x

@smaram @batteryaziz

You started so cool, but something stopped you :(

this network was a very cool project, you just didn’t have to look at other people's projects, but you are developing it and you would be successful