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Old video from my youtube channel of Nicole Kidman's weird hands

#conspiracy I made a bunch of conspiracy videos back when I was monetized on YT because conspiracy believers watch a lot of videos not because I believe.

conspiracy, shapeshifters, reptilians, hollywood shapeshifters, aliens, illuminati

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By ShakmGaming

lol, that was hilarious - let's get Nicole on an NBA team asap 😄

By MasterShake

i sent it the ghetto way.. but sent ya 2 tubes ! this was so funny lol

By MovieVigilante

Xenu had something to do with it.

By MasterShake

I tried to donate.. did it work?

By MasterShake

i NEVER even noticed her hands in the Others.. lol not wonder she always has them closed in movies lol. the director is like don't you dare open your huge Alien hands or we lose money lol.

By MasterShake

lol this is funny whats wrong with her fucking hands lol

By MasterShake

Yeah i make a lot of conspiracy content to. it gets tons of views for some reason! lol Great video! she is sure Illumnati though.. she is a shape shifter.. David Icke can prove it! lol