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What do you hope will come to bittubers.com and #tube in 2020? For tube i would like for the value of it to go up. What are you hoping for that's related to bittubers or tube? Say so in the comments. #bittube

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Group Name:AltTech
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By nachodon

Hoping for usable groups-- right now they seem pointless. Tired of posting #bugreports about things that never even get acknowledged -- They rolled out patreon style monthly tipping so i set up between 2 accounts i own... NOTHING. doesn't work. I put in a bug report and it was returned back as #bugreportsolved (with a note saying to contact support) so I did. The result? I got an email on 10-25 saying that they received the request. Still nothing done. I just don't know what the point of having the community report bugs and rolling out new features if they are treated this way and more or less ignored. It would be nice to hear "Yah we are gonna work on that in the next few months -- " OR something to that effect.

By ShakmGaming

Oh a lot of things... private / scheduled posts as you've already said yourself is a pretty big one... A better ranking system for posts (as i recently stressed on this post https://bittubers.com/post/4e59cf2a-1313-4b6d-a28d-36b45b05afd3

from @nachodon )... And a lot of polishing what is already here.