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CORONA HOAX AWARENESS: Part 3: (Mandatory Vaccines Are Coming)

Not trying to spread any fear here but I have to call it the way I see it. Mandatory vaccines are coming and it's up to us to burn them down. Stop ignoring the facts and the words and clearly stated intentions of the criminal elite before you have a death needle stuck in your ass!

I also never finished my thoughts on the greatest 3 satanic industries of our time: 1. The MIC: Military Industrialized complex (which also includes NASA) 2. The Pharmaceutical Industry (which also includes the dum dum big pharma trained useless doctors who only treat and pill push rather than cure) 3. Academia: which includes the most highly respected institutions like Harvard, MIT, Yale, etc. Academia serves as a backbone for number 1 and 2... giving a (false) legitimacy to many lies via the veneer of fake science and dishonest research. It is here in this industry that you will find the most sell outs and intellectually dishonest people on earth - ironic isn't it?

Please listen to this podcast to gain a great understanding of the incredible FRAUD that runs the entire western medical industry: https://youtu.be/n1XBb5OgAPw

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#coronavirus #hoax #nwo #covid19 #flatearth

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By chfalke

I knew it all along

By chfalke

would you let that man be your doctor omg

By chfalke

Elon musk is so fake and he doesnt even hide it

By chfalke

would a guy in the body shape of bill gates have the gull to think he could be better than god ?

By chfalke

he could die tomorrow does he got a place to go after he dies ?

By chfalke

Your right hes the worst selfish man ever but he was born rich.