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my thoughts on: FLAT EARTH

Today I talk about why flat earth truth is important, and especially beneficial for agnostics and atheists.

#flatearth #christianity #christian #flat #flatearther

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By chfalke

hmm i belive they have already sent many balloons and proved it already wake up

By styles1975

If the earth is flat, then why doesn't a flat earther (or a team of them) just fly up some balloons and prove it??? Not that I believe NASA, but I find your arguments pure conjecture...

By MikeMazzone

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By thinkoutsidetheglobe

Beautiful, just beautiful....i'm not a Christian, i'm not Agnostic, or Atheist...i'm just Hellene and DEFINITELY  i'm not a Flat Earther.

THE EARTH is FLAT and MOTIONLESS, so i'm an Earthling on a PLANE EARTH.

I do think that they have relisted the knowledge so they could find out WHO is AWAKE to take them to the next level!

The rest are DOOMED!

My two tubes!

Oh, yes...if the sun is hurtling like a comet...where is the TAIL?

By VonHelton


By MerrimourTheRed

i got into FE when after friending math powerland and rob skiba on facebook years ago ... texting online with them since 2015 and i was hooked right away ... and as a christian i feel this topic is top shelf important ... as a physics major even before i became a christian i knew big bang was bunk ... ive made many vids about it now ... IMO the sun is an electric plasma circuit and the moon its opposite charge ... Gods 2 lamps

By solidxstate

flat earth is the ultimate troll

By nachodon

@stupidmonkey i don't have any knowledge about livestock or what was truly meant by the "striped stick" verse.... but i'm pretty sure it's possible it was some type of genetic modification / breeding technique at the time given to Abraham by God but not fully explained.... i think to get hung up on that is almost pointless as some things are fully and clearly explained while others are implied... such as flat earth. The scriptures for example never implicitly say that the earth is "flat" ... but it is strongly implied -- through analogy and metaphor which can not be denied... here's just 2 of them: 1. When the scriptures speak of the 4 corners of the earth several times... a sphere does not have corners. Many christians will say this is N, S, E and West -- but where is the "corner" of east or west on a ball? Impossible. Another is Job 38:14 (speaking about the earth): It takes on form like clay under a seal, ... This is the same word used for the signet ring that a King would stamp into wax to seal a letter -- when you press down on it it makes an impression and the edges turn up. So, from verses like this we can see that God implies a flat earth while not explicitly stating it is flat - or that water does not curve.

By RedPillPhilosophy

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By StupidMonkey

The Bible is the inerrant word of God. Genesis 30:39. Cattle will have striped offspring if they mate near a striped pole. Maybe best not to get your science education from the Bible. Just saying.