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(FLAT EARTH) I Found a REAL-LIFE Globe Troll!!!

A Real-Life Glob Appears!

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#flatearth #flatearthers #flatwater #moonlanding #flatearthdebate

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By MerrimourTheRed

that stunted maniac seems like hes drunk ... what a fool

By MerrimourTheRed

woot woot

By Karl

I made it

By Flat earth is retarded

You must be permanently pissed off when 99.99999999% of the globes population are globe trolls, must make you an angry little snowflake, shame.

By lyzer

Always remember if you point a finger at someone 4 fingers point back to you. Now i have a question for this globe-believer did shit get messy in history after the people followed a government/leader or a movement that questions the system? All good things came from questioning the system and all the bad things came from blindly following what the elites said at the time!

By XeiDaMoKa

i think globaloid or heliosexual are better x'DD

By the.forsaken.philosopher000

meme magic

By nomoreserfs

Globs can't science.

By Nosat

btw, make sure to throw some topic hashtags in your vid description, ie. #flatearth so your vid appears @ https://bittubers.com/topic/flatearth

By Nosat

(@ 4:44) "This guy burned women at the stake!!" 😅