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#bugreportdone - no audio on .mp4 game-play recording? See: https://bittubers.com/post/4adbd8a5-62b8-4df3-97aa-65e72e6d77e6

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By cybergrinder

I confirm what battery said. I had to convert that particular video from .mov to .mp4 which seems to have messed up the codec. I'll convert it again and re-do the post (afaik editing doesn't work?) - thanks

By batteryaziz

i downloaded the file and it plays on my PC. The audio codec is mpeg1 (mp2 instead of mp3). Browsers don't support this old format. Playback is native currently until we integrate transcoding options.

By A.Corvorum


can you open the mp4 with the browser and check if the audio is there?

some codecs are not working in actual browsers, is not video on h.265 as example.

please, check it and if the file opens correctly we will try to find the issue.


By ShakmGaming

Can confirm no audio. Do you remember what audio codec you used inside the mp4 container? For me mp3 and aac have been working fine up to now.

By cybergrinder

Tested with Brave and BitTube browser. Both without sound. In Brave the button is grayed out. In the BitTube browser it isn't. Still no audio. Original file does have audio.