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Are FBI CIA NSA Behind Antifa?

Antifa is an Israeli Mossad operation. Its purpose is to destabilize the USA, create election chaos, usher in new totalitarian police state measures, destroy the economy, destroy real estate value and create an environment beneficial to banking and financial interests.


There is no way possible that the FBI, CIA and NSA cannot find out who is giving Antifa their instructions to attack only phantom enemies while ignoring the real threat to our society; the billionaire class, the Zionist banker's grip on our societies, the Zionist control of the "News", the bigoted apartheid state of Israel. 

Antifa would never attack these enemies who have a lot more to do with the problems in our society than the largely marginalized and very low in number NAZIs. And further proof that Antifa is an Israeli Intelligence operations is that when one points these facts out the Anonymous faceless, nameless unit 8200 Israeli Intelligence operatives who are operating most of the Antifa sockpuppet accounts shout NAZI, NAZI, NAZI to trick unsuspecting and well meaning young people into discovering the truth about the true nature and purpose and controllers of Antifa.

Source: https://youtu.be/UWL0rCgdgIM

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