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LBRY vs BitTube - which one is better?

Today I give a brief overview of some fundamentals which underpin both LBRY and BitTube and talk pulling no punches in my criticisms of each project. The key question is - which one is built to last?

Here's more info on PeerTube / Fediverse / and Bittube's role in this ecosystem: https://bittube.tv/post/d1a37380-7b9b-415d-92a9-90309d64adab

If you'd like to know more about AirTime: https://bittube.tv/post/2ceedef0-50b1-44e0-9db3-f39c02160695

#bittube #tube #bitcoin #lbry #youtube

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By Varnean

I just checked LBRY, never heard of it before. It loads so slowly, even thumbnail pictures take a few seconds to load. Lame

By Tcll5850

oof at being a flat earther (I don't care honestly, heck I believe reality is simulated)

if you don't mind a friendly argument about physics and such from a game hacker/designer intrigued by IRL phenomenons like dark matter having gravitational effects, I could probably give you a good time if not change your beliefs :)

for example, if you take a tennis ball to the ISS and pour water on it, the water will absolutely surround the tennis ball

no that is not CG or magnetics

By Tcll5850

agreed with you on Monero being better than BitCoin, I've actually been harping on the LBRY devs about that

as well as other insecure things they do, like how their app uses AWS (BitTube also uses malicious domains)

By Tcll5850

just wanna say, the things I like about LBRY more is you earn more, and there are aspects about it that are better developed such as comments

but what BitTube has over LBRY is recommended videos, and a more well developed experience, and you can seemingly earn TUBE from anywhere (I haven't been paid after 2 weeks using the VPN)

but yeah, I can't watch your video as libffmpeg.so can only play 480p60 or 720p30 without issues...

By Tcll5850

one thing I'll say off the bat is I do wish I could download videos and play them in SMPlayer instead of buffering every 2 seconds in Vivaldi

EDIT: nvm, apparently I can r-click the video and download it from the context menu...

literally did not know that could be done until now XD

EDIT2: or not... apparently access to the video is forbidden

By BrodieRobertson

I really like the idea of a federated service from a technical perspective, however, my issue with it is that it is incredibly confusing to the normie users and those are the people you need to bring in to really make a platform grow.

By BrodieRobertson

The think that's kept me pushing LBRY is seeing how passionate the team is, seeing that from the leadership helps to drum up passion in the community.

By Daimonikline

Wait? what? did you just say you DON'T BELIEVE IN SPACE?????? unsubcribe ahahahah

By Daimonikline

Nice video bro, a lot of information

By DanNobid

Ya'll using crypto? What next, microchips?