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How to Understand Your Dog Better? (Dogs Language Explained)

How to understand your dog's language. Things like tail or ear movements can indicate your dog's needs. This video can help you to better communicate with your dog.

How to Understand Your Dog Better: Communication Clues

Just like humans, dogs do get into moods and will try to communicate them to you. But it can be difficult to understand what they are saying just by looking at their body language. The great thing about dogs, and all types of dog breeds, is that they will not fake their emotions and they will try to tell you what’s going on. It’s important that as a dog owner, you learn their communication language and watch out for the tell-tale signs that your dog is giving to you. These communication signs can be broken down based on your dog’s physical body, such as the tail, eyes, ears, face and stance.

• Tail: the tail is one of the easiest communication methods to look out for. When a dog’s tail is lowered but still wagging, it can mean that he or she is playful, excited or that they know you are the one in charge. If the tail is lowered and wagging slowly, it could be that they are waiting for you to tell them what to do so that they understand what is currently happening.

◦ If the tail is raised but tremors, it could be your dog challenging you and your authority. If this happens, it means that the dog feels like they are in charge of the current situation and has authority over you.

◦ The most common and easiest recognizable communication form is when the tail is tucked between the legs. This is a very common sign for the dog being afraid, scared or uncomfortable either in the situation you are currently in or even of you. If you cannot discern what is causing your dog to be uncomfortable, and your dog does this frequently, it is a good idea to take them to the veterinarian.

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