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Anyone sharing like 10 posts with me in a row is getting unfollowed. #suggestion You should only be able to share other users posts, like a retweet. If you want someone to see your posts specifically you should be able to use @username

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By ShakmGaming

Btw, speaking as a creator now, lately i've used the share button only for the first or last video in a series (they are usually long, like 10-20 episodes) and only for people who i haven't interacted with lately. What's your opinion on that?

By ShakmGaming

💡 I think the way youtube does it with the little bell icon could be the solution here. Then the viewer would enable this only for creators he wants to get notified about (and disable it when someone is irritating) and eventually get a notification like "User X posted Y" - or if it's a lot of posts "User X has made 10 posts since your last visit". Something like that.

By nachodon

it's a bit confusing with groups because posts to groups are not going out to the subscribed members even when you share to group (which shouldn't be necessary if you are subscribed).

By HempysHub

I agree

By MovieVigilante

I agree. I've already unfollowed a few who do that. I use the share button to share others' posts on Twitter.