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Body Language – Buzz Aldrin Pilot On The Apollo 11 Mission

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By sovos

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By Nosat

Why keep talking about legacy events 60 years ago, there should have been 300 missions since with 1000 hours of HD footage, and a live feed from the moon looking at earth. Wake up!

By nachodon

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By nachodon

Buzz Aldrin is a terrible liar. "In the emotional"? Give me a break... "in the LIE" is more like it. The only "visual" this scumbag has is of him practicing in the film studio. There is no honest memory here. He's uncomfortable not because of arthritis but because he's a lying sack of human excrement. THE MOON LANDING NEVER HAPPENED. It was filmed by stanley kubrick....and the moon is its OWN light not a reflection. Dust doesn't reflect.... You should know that when you tell the same lie for 50+ years then yes, you will appear to have 'real' memories of it. Haven't you ever watched "astronauts gone wild'? or "a funny thing happened on the way to the moon' by Bart Sibrel. Woman wake up! Brian Cox is also a fucking embarrassment and probably a transvestite. Anyway, i'm glad you looked at this legendary deceiver today but i can get better analysis out of a blind and deaf person than the one you just gave.