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I Bought 100,000 TUBE today @210 SAT/0.022USD

Can anyone lead me to more information about staking levels, and how they increase AirTime earnings. I am considering a 25,000 TUBE stake, if that helps me to earn more AirTime. @Nic_Cafe @smaram @SirGoodSmoke .... Thanks BitTubers!!!

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By WilyWyvern

How does one collect and convert them?

By Bravoler

Hell yeah! Would donate if I had TUBEs

By gxatglitch

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.02 USD)

By GameMusicHallberg

I'm too emotionally involved to trade in tubes, to sell high and buy low, I will just make errors, my tubes are staying where they are, for a long time :D

By SirGoodSmoke


By Bucks2Bits

Thanks for the donation! 😍

By Bucks2Bits

In March I bought 100k for $2600 and sold for $6300 :) I don't think we will rally up as fast as last time, but I agree this is a very good price, especially if adoption increases quicker than we think... I think I will just stake 2500.

By GameMusicHallberg

I just donated 3.0 TUBEs ($ 0.07 USD)

By GameMusicHallberg

Thank you for driving up the tube price! 😽 it will be more stuffs that you can do with your tubes in the future, hodl them :D here have a few more :)

By GameMusicHallberg

Well done WhaleTail! I bought a few more today also, but nowhere near 100k : ) I'm pretty sure that it will be very hard to get tubes for this low price, very soon :D , The staking I believe gives you better reward for the time you are surfing, not what you recieve by other watching your content, depending on how much time you surf, expect maybe 100 more tubes each month by staking 25k. does not give a lot, but a little :D