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Atomy Absolte Spot Out Cream and Essence.

Atomy Absolute Spot-Out Essence

Absolute's thoughts on skin whitening!

Skin stress, melanin pigmentation, Treat the root cause of skin darkening caused by changes t o the skin due to aging!

Innovative 6-step whitening essence by Absolute Science for ultra radiant.

Answering to the Basics of Skin Whitening.

Bright and radiant skin like it's been photo-shopped.

Effective natural ingredients meet Atomy's advanced skin technology.

Atomy Absolute Spot-Out Cream

Under light, phytoene and phytofluene absorb UVA and UVB, respectively.

Reflects green light that minimizes redness.

Creates vibrant skin by combating photo-aging and through hue cancellation.

Adding the magic of Spot-Out Cream to the astonishment of Spot-Out Essence!

6-Step Mechanism for 'DARK SPOT OUT’

A6-step whitening mechanism offered exclusively by Atomy that achieves brightening at the root by managing the entire process.

1st STEP

Brighten with CellActiveM Brightening Code.

Core technology and core ingredients for overall skin whitening.

<CellActiveTM Technology> precisely delivers the effective ingredients to address skin troubles like melanin enzyme production and Absolute Spot-Out Cream' maximizes the whitening effect by adding a high concentration of the effective ingredient Brightening Code> as a main ingredient.

CellActiveTM Brightening Code

1. CellActiveTM Technology

Cutting-edge technology for quick and exact delivery of vitalizing active ingredients to areas with skin troubles.

2. Brightening CodeTM

Atomy's ingredient technology that upgraded efficiency by combining valuable materials that are effective for whitening in an optimum ratio.

2nd STEP

Block the formation of melanin enzymes!

Inhibition of the production of melanin enzyme.


A natural ingredient extracted from candeia trees.

Controls the inhibition of tyrosinase, a melanin synthase.

Relieves skin redness to help brighten your skin.

Candeia Tree (Traditional Medical Plants)

Contains an ample amount of a-Bisabolol, an ingredient that grows on the bark of candeia trees in the southern grasslands of Brazil.

Used as an ingredient for natural skin whitening care.

Melanin-inducing hormones fom when skin is exposed to UV rays.

Effects of a-Bisabolol.

3rd STEP

Stop the activity of melanin enzyme.

Impediment of melanin enzyme activity.

Licorice extract (Glabridin Effect)

Plant-based natural skin whitening agent extracted from licorice extract.

Prevents the activity of tyrosinase, a melanin synthase.

Prevents melanin synthesis in the first step to relieve pigmentation (spots, freckles).


Plant-based natural skin whitening agent extracted from licorice stem and roots.

4th STEP

Prevent the transfer of melanin to the skin stratum corneum.

Skin whitening effect through inhibition of skin stratum corneum transference of melanin.

Niacinamide(VitaminB3) *For brightening.

Prevents melanin from making pigmentation in the stratum corneum by controlling the spread of melanin to melanosome, a carrier that moves the produced melanin to the skin.

5th STEP

Stimulate epidermal cell turnover by activating skin neurotransmitter system!

Gives skin radiance and improves skin thickness by stimulating skin epidermal turnover.

NEUROBIOX (Yarrow extract)

Plant-derived active ingredient that improves skin tone.

Helps improve skin tone and skin radiance by renewing the skin.

International Patent. 10-2015-0030281 PCT/EP2008/057130

Improved skin radiance

About 20% improvement in skin radiance compared glycolic acid (AHA)

6th STEP

Tone up your skin with IBR-TCLC

Skin brightening effect

IBR-TCLC (natural cartiloids [phytoene and phytofluene])

For brightened skin tone

Helps relieve melanin synthesis by absorbing UV rays.

International Patent. 10-1448317 PCT/IL2007/000648


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