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LEAVE the System.. Here's How.. Right now, the number of crypto users who still rely on the system is staggering.


 - http://www.BiTSy-wallet.com 

 - Telegram: www.t.me/Agorise 

 - Keybase/KBFS: keybase.io/team/Agorise 

Mobile wallets come and go. Pick one that doesn't rely on centralised exchanges, a company, an investor, bridges, banks or even a working network connection. Leave the system. 


Is your wallet open source? Does it support thousands of coins? Does it allow you to HTLC Atomic Swap peer-to-peer with other blockchains? Does your current wallet rely on a blockchain that can be 51% attacked by a central banker with unlimited resources? 


The BiTSy wallet let's you trade with whoever you want, whenever you want, without relying on any third parties at all, and without even having a decent internet connection. 


**In this month's release of BiTSy:** 


* Added our new "Node Hopping" algorithm (over 2 years in development and refinement) 

* Stealthily seeks out, and keeps you connected to the fastest connection across potentially hundreds of nodes in your area 

* Transactions are fully confirmed on-chain in 3 seconds or less, eliminating wait and risk, and making double-spends impossible 

* Brandable (we can add your company logo, color theme, etc) 

* Day and Night modes 


**What's coming:** 


* Integrate our HTLC Atomic Swaps library (final testing now) 

* Add real-time Net Worth and Holdings charts 

* Migrate Java core to Kotlin Multi-Platform (KMP) for iOS/Swift release 

* Integrate our C-IPFS library (so app store approvals, http and dns are no longer needed) 


Leave the system.

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