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Asil Attar: Ambassador for Empowerment丨Anything is Possible with Patrick Tsang

Patrick Tsang interviews Asil Attar, CEO of Lead Associates, experienced with over 28 years in fashion and retail business strategy within global markets. In this clip, Asil speaks about her position and experiences as a female in the industry and critical takeaways for business leaders to improve their workforce. In the whole episode, Asil shares how her upbringing as an Iraqi in Britain has influenced her decisions and values, and book and movie cultural moments have structured her perspectives. Asil has been the CEO of several multi-million-dollar businesses throughout her career and transforms the industry with her drive and visionary strategies. Asil speaks about her role to empower women as the first female CEO for leading groups in the Middle East and the importance of business leaders diversifying their workforce.

Additionally, Asil explains the importance of ensuring a positive social impact through her businesses. From her successful and innovative strategies, Asil has earned recognition and been awarded many achievements including, Forbes ME putting her as the top 100 most Influential Arab Women, 2018, and Top 200 most powerful Arab Women, 2014. Arabian business awarded her Top Female CEO Kuwait, 2018, and top 100 powerful women, 2012.

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