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We Mongolian not just fighting the communism, But also, Fight their colonia plan .

(The fucking inferior race sub-human reptile chinese virus and russian(slavic) are always trying to using their language and text to colonize my mongolian people, And trying to replace our own mongolian original text on it,

Just the same how the inferior race sub-human reptile jews who always trying to colonize the white Nordic Aryan people with christianity zionism and the reptiles black nigger/muslim,

They even claim that a place shanghai are (their) place, Well, There is no such as place name shanghai, That is one of the place of my mongolian ancestor tribe occupied place, Before it, That place is our Mongolian name, And the inferior race sub-human reptile russian(slavic) are not even on there, Their are not even Europe, According to the map,

Both we Mongolian and the Noble Nordic Aryan Vikings are also fight against (them), We both also know about this, And (they) called us the barbarian .

Plus, Back in the old days, My proud Mongolian ancestors not only we have the first world map, But also has already crushed and conquered the inferior race sub-human reptile russian, chinese, muslim/jews sand people land,

Plus, We using the Aryan's Swastika and we are more believe on the Nordic Aryan's Heritage more than the European themselves who brainwashed by the inferior race sub-human reptile jew jesus abrahamic-semitic communist bullshit back to the old days at that moment, Since the anceint time 卐)

And this day, My Mongolian people are rising up once again to fight against (them), (Since the ancient time) .

And i promised, While we conquer these inferior sub-human reptile communist race once again,

(They) all will be tortured more than my mongolian ancestor did to (them), Every single one of (them), (They) will begging for death, And let (them) called us the barbarian whatever (they) like to called us .

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