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These haft snake haft human dragons/reptilians creature, In Sanskrit it's called NAGA/NAGGA (Sounds like the Nigger, So, If i say fuck you NAGA,

It's sound like fuck you Nigger, Anyway, They're intimacy with Niggers) .

These cunning haft snake haft human reptilian creature NAGA, Shapeshifting pretend to poor human, And tell lies about rape and claim this is their land .

(Indian Army Rape Us)? What a big joke of fake news .

Where is the evidence of rape?

Just look at these slut, And you will know only their porkistani muslim alliance will rape them .

They love the rough sex game aren't?

(So, Unlike the male Virgin like me)

Ofcourse we will re-occupied this land, Because this is not your land, Go back to china you filthy reptile chinese sex spy !!!

There is no such as land called-nagaland ! This is the land of India ! And i can prove it !

Well, As an Mongolian myself, My ancestor has fought and conquered the world, We mongolian have the first world map, But we've never hear a land called-Nagaland, And we're also never hear an human race called-NAGA, So,

There is no such as land called-nagaland, And there is no such human race called-NAGA/MIZO, Only the dragon/reptilian creatures themselves have such a name like this .

Obviously, These dragon/reptilian creatures are chinese, And even vietnam myanmar mixed chinese reptiles communist creatures, And look at how close ties these NAGA with china and porkistan,

And you know,

Obviously, They are the communist sex spy who send from china, Who funding by the freemasonry reptiles chinese/jews/russian(slavic)kgb spy/prokistani muslim .

And using some fake geography to misinformation on your reptiles media and claim this is your land ?

Don't worry ! We will continue to genocide you dragons/reptiles creature, Even after we have destroyed and conquered china, We will still continue to genocide you bitch !!! Until you have no more !!!

HAHA !!!!!!

And cut your rainbow gay ass UN/EU flag bullshit !

NAZI never rape, Only the communist rape !!!!

And why you never ask why the reptile jews being genocide?

Remember ! The Truth Never Fear Being Investigated 卐

Why we discrimination, Against your land?

Because fuck you why not?

This is not your land !!!

Go back to your china and wait for us to attack you so soon !!!

You dirty jewish lying mouth bitches !!!!

Warm Hints:

Burning a flag dosen't reduce the affect of our aggressive, And won't save you from being genocide, So,

You already know what happen next to you when you burn a flag with dharma-cakra/Swastika .

And ya, Is that your flag just another reptiles chinese antifa communist rainbow gay ass UN/EU flag?

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