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TROPICAL RAIN GFUEL CAN Taste Test & Review by Mayor Reynolds

GFUEL and GAMMA LABS have been working hard to release new flavors of GFUEL ENERGY in canned form with Tropical Rain being one of the newest arrivals. As we always do, we're cracking open our first can live on camera, giving it a taste test and uploading our reaction for you to check out. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to catch more GFUEL reviews as we review each new flavor as they release. Expect reviews of Bubblegum and the Ragin' Gummy Fish cans in the near future!

Mayor Reynolds is the three-term Mayor of Whitney Point, NY as well as a live streamer, podcaster and content creator. He has won rounds of 35 different battle royale games and pledges to win each new battle royale game that releases. This quest never ends. Enjoy the show.

Catch my live streams and GFUEL giveaways over at Theta.TV; www.theta.tv/MayorReynoldsWP

Use code "MAYOR" to get yourself a discount on orders from GFUEL.com and to support my content in the process.


Podcast: www.godmodeunlocked.net

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/MayorReynolds

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MayorReynoldsTV

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TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@MayorReynoldsTV

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Rizzle: http://www.rizzle.tv/u/MayorReynoldsTV

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