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@The official account

We are proud to announce the rebranding of the BitTubers platform to BitTube.tv! 🙌

We started the year with new ideas and a clear vision that will allow us to improve our brand recognition.

Today, we are proud to announce the #rebranding of the #BitTubers platform to BitTube.tv!

Read the full story: https://medium.com/@Bit.Tube/bittubers-com-is-moving-to-bittube-tv-9e517e9c55f1

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By Thebutterflytribe

Nice Butterflies 🦋 the crypto revolution is going to change our world🌍💪

By Htos1av

I LOVE what you've done w/the place! :)

By Tinshu


By Venninposti

is Bittube.tv still decentralized like Bit.tube was?


Great decision! God bless..

By levuongtuan

nice infor.

By hammatime

Lost sound to ALL videos on bit tube...no idea how to fix it...help!! :)

By ShakmGaming

I have to say - while it's a pain to change all the links (even worse for those hard-coded into a video), this is a shorter and more attractive domain 👍

By MasterShake

wow that is so awesome and great news! I love being able to post cool stuff on here. Will Bitube be the next Bitcoin? find out here! https://vocal.media/theChain/why-bittube-could-be-the-next-bitcoin

By Hamm

En mi opinión este nuevo nombre "BitTube.tv", parece enmarcar la actividad de la plataforma exclusivamente en transmisiones de televisión. Jaja, es gracioso, pues es demasiado versatil; el cambio de nombre no resulta lógico con el proyecto original, ya que por ahora permite subir fotografías, enviar mensajes, cargar sonido (música o cualquier tipo de grabación, incluso con formato de radio) y video de los que somos creadores; la extensión TV pone un limite a todo lo demás