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Clash at Demonhead (Nes) Original Soundtrack - Route Theme 1

Clash at Demonhead (Nes) Original Soundtrack - Route Theme 1

Clash at Demonhead (Nes) Original Soundtrack - Route Theme 1



The Nes Soundtrack to an obscured Awsome Metroidvania Clone for the NES From Vic Tokai called "Clash at Demonhead" Which was one of the more memorable games in the NES Library which is an example of earlier Nes Metroidvania games which funny enough,the name "Clash at demonhead" was also later reused for a Rock band in the Scott Pilgram Franchise.

the japanese version of this game was originally released for the Famicom as Dengeki Big Bang which game marks another prime example of being victimed to bad U.S. Localization and wonky English translations back during the 80's and 90's 8-bit era which the japanese Famicom box art is miles way better than the ugly mis leading american box art which the japanese box art has a halarious witty manga style artwork while the american box art has a weird cheesy 80's Sci Fi Flick Movie POster inspired artwork which the american box art looks like a cheesy 80's Star Wars/Ewok Ripoff.lol. I mean the american box art doesn't even remotely resemble any of the game's actual anime style artwork in-gme graphics.lol

anyways,heres one of my fav songs from this game which is the Route theme 1 song

I allso made a Sprite custom Wallpaper with the female character Agent Mary and the Fairy girl Faysha fighting against Tom Guycott,one of the evil seven governors of Demonhead Mountain and the Shark girl


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