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The Rich Young Ruler - Christian Cartoon

#Cartoon #Christian

"The Rich Young Ruler" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering Luke 18:9-Luke 19:10. This begins with the parable of the pharisee and tax collector about the difference between humble prayer to God and proudly praying to ourselves. Jesus goes on to explain about the nature of the Kingdom of God and how we need to become like a small child to enter it. The video also features the counsel Jesus gives the rich young ruler in response to his question of how to be saved and ends with the story of Zacchaeus and how he experiences salvation. Do you know what true wealth is? And are you ready to leave it all behind to follow Jesus?

Christian Cartoons are a great way to learn more about what the Bible says. This channel exhibits cartoons and comics from different authors to help promote the teachings of Jesus Christ. It's great for the whole family!



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By nachodon

So , since your supreme leaders decided that you can't even have a conversation about your group with someone like me who knows my way well around the scriptures (not just one scripture lol) - then it appears you have all the elements of a cult going on there. Let me say this -- I watch the video you presented to me with my wife. I found very admirable things in the video such as living by faith. I know God provides and I'm happy to see him do it for you all. But time after time I saw your group digging in garbage... eating the thrown out waste of the people you claim are doing it all the wrong way (working , buying food, etc). Furthermore what really pained me about this is how you linked garbage and dumpster diving to the providence of God! That was disgusting to me. IF God be able to provide (and I believe he can) then why must you forage through GARBAGE for meals? Furthermore, almost ALL the food I see you all eating is some form of processed white bread or processed old pizzas and lots of other processed junk food. When Israel came out of Egypt did God give them the spoils of the Egyptian garbage or did the spoil their houses of the FINEST things?

When you minister to a man on the street and then ask him for whatever he can spare - (like a potato ) aren't you not begging for bread? How is this possible flattering to the church or the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone other than a dumpster diving bohemian? I'll give you a clue: it's not. I was ashamed of you for putting my God in such a poor light - that he is unable to provide for you in a more dignified manner other than forcing you to dig through germ laden TRASH! My God can do a lot better! I suggest you all start exercising your faith in new and more productive ways. It might start by accepting job - so that you don't have to feed your own children processed and unhealthy CRAP out of other people's garbages. Just a thought!

I also suspect that your group is extremely small - as what people in their right minds actually interpret the words of a Mighty KING like this? Forsake all and go unto the garbage cans of the heathen and I shall feed you!! Talk about an embarrassment! Wow! If any of you read this and would like to break free of this religious cult (because let's face it that's what this is) then please feel free to get in touch with me and I will try to help you out the best I can. I can assure you all that God has put no man under such bondage...and the verse in Luke about forsaking the world is about being willing to give up ALL if necessary to follow Christ - which many did ... since sometimes wife's would leave husbands - or they would be fired from jobs for speaking about Jesus - or persecuted even unto the point of having to forsake their life at sword point for not being willing to worship Caesar. This is what Jesus meant by you must forsake all.... all your old dreams and designs for living a selfish life, a materialistic life, and a life concerned with the things of this world.

While I can certainly applaud some of your actions such as the evangelism you all seem to do (great!) I must remind you that even the Apostle Paul WORKED as a tent maker to feed and house himself - while taking nothing from even the churches (even though he was entitled to it).

You all have a very twisted view of many of the scriptures. I do hope and pray that you find the liberty and true PROVISION of our great God - which does NOT come out of a dumpster. Even the birds of the air eat much better than you all do! This is disgraceful.