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@Ronin Yeti Studio

CtO Series #1 - Once Upon A Crime in Hollywood | Episode 1 - Introductory Connections


The first series of Conveying the Obvious hits the ground sprinting with a 30-minute episode that introduces the hosts, the show, and the hot-button topic of the entire series. Once Upon A Crime In Hollywood delves into a tangled web of drama, deceit, and even death, conveying that the public lifestyles of some of our most beloved stars and starlets might be mere illusions, to hide their more devious pleasures.

For decades, Hollywood elites have had accusations and arrests of many kind, some benign, some strange, while others are hard to mention in casual conversation. Sexual assault charges, child endangerment, blackmail; these are just some of the serious charges that have been documented and filed for public view. However, what if even more heinous acts of betrayal were, for the most part, being swept under the rug, with the assailants virtually being let off the hook.

Only in the past 5 or so years have we seen a serious movement to take most of these accusations seriously and to court! Some of these supposed victims coming forward could more than likely just trying to get a free ride against someone they may have had had eye contact with once in a bar somewhere forgotten. While many others have shown both correlative and casual evidence against the perpetrators of this kind, and to avail with victories in court! This episode hopes to set the stage for more of the episodes to follow in this series, and to set the tone of the show, itself.

I am so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to watch this video, and hope you enjoyed how I conveyed such a subject in a less tedious and depressing way that we might be used to. I want others to realize that problems exist to be solved, and that even things of this magnitude can be solved incrementally; it just takes time, vigilance, and whole lot of camaraderie.

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