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Banking on Bitcoin

This film seems to have been made around 2015 and is one of the classic films on Bitcoin and its related technologies and politics. It was made by Christopher Cannucciari, and includes interviews with some of the most prominent of the early movers in Bitcoin. 

The film opens with Charlie Shrem reporting to the police following his arrest on money laundering charges in connection with the running of Bitinstant, which was one of the only ways to buy Bitcoin in those days. It closes with Charlie already incarcerated and serving time after conviction. 

In between the film retells the founding of Bitcoin, from the early concerns and developments associated with the people who eventually became known as the CypherPunks, and how Satoshi solved some of the most difficult problems which earlier systems of digital money had failed to do. 

The film also looks at some of the politics involved in the establishment of non-Governmental money systems, and early attempts at regulation, which seem to have been quite self-serving on behalf of the regulators, who first set up the laws, then consultancy firms to navigate the laws. 

Further the film traces such issues as the first usage of Bitcoin by Wikileaks, which was discouraged by Satoshi; the running of Silk Road and its busting, and the establishment and collapse of Mt. Gox in Japan, which led to a big crash in Bitcoin's price. 

This is a classic film by now, and features interviews with Charlie Shrem, Paul Vigna, Erik Voorhees, Gavin Andresan, Alex Winter, and many others, including journalists and authors. Well worth anyone’s time who is interested in digital currencies. 

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