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@Game Music Hallberg

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#suggestion #suggestions

I suggest that sharing your own posts to other people should not automaticly give that post one extra upvote for each time you share it, a lot of people share their posts to 50+ people and it get 50 upvotes in a few seconds even without any views, it look strange, and it devalues peoples expectation when they see a post with a lot of upvotes.

My second suggestion is that we should have a option to turn off post shares to our notification box,maybe a global turn off button, and/or one for each member. Right now you can only turn it off by unsubscribing, but sometimes you want to still be subscribed,some bittubers may post great content but are a bit too trigger happy with the shares:)

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By HempysHub

Thank you for getting this looked into, i see the problem is now fix :)

By kurokuro

Or have an option to share as a "repost"

By lothendriel

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.02 USD)

By SandroPiers

But now you basically crushed my dreams, with reality. lol Anyway, I agree, and thanks for the info!

By SandroPiers

I totally agree, I didn't know that, and am now sad lol I shared a videoclip of a song of mine and had like 63 upvotes but though it weird that they didn't show up in the notifications, but was happy, like, "oh they like my music, sweeet!"

By bittca6x

yes there is some oddity, if user share != is not a fact post liked. maybe user share to friend for he see this. and counts 1 like + 1 share = 2 up for user